The food and drink culture in Japan is extensive and delectable. There are several award-winning cocktail bars in Tokyo alone. Many Japanese bars serve anything from the classics to unique cocktails, often using fresh, seasonal Japanese ingredients for a local cocktail experience. Here’s a list of eight bars you’re sure to love whether you’re new to cocktails or a connoisseur in the heart of Tokyo.

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Kirby Cafe

Nintendo’s pink, round hero also has his own adorable café tucked inside Tokyo Solamachi near Tokyo SkyTree. The café’s interior features a woodgrain theme along the walls and the furniture, giving it a warm and rustic vibe. While themed café food can often be hit or miss, the reviews of the Kirby Café reveal that it actually serves good food with a selection of hearty meals such as burgers and pizza, all Kirby-shaped, of course. For dessert, take a bite from the iconic car-shaped Kirby from Kirby and the Forgotten Land. Waddle Dee also makes several surprise appearances. After a great feed, you can saunter over to the official store to gander at exclusive goods.
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Pokemon Cafe

Pokémon Centers are a mainstay in the game as a place to relax and recuperate. These real-life editions are not too different from their virtual counterparts and have long been popular spots for traveling Pokémon fans. In Tokyo, the Pokémon Center Nihonbashi is unique as it also has a Pokémon café inside it, where fans can enjoy a meal with dishes such as the Eevee Plate, Pikachu Plate and even the Snorlax’s Tummy Filling Nap Lunch Plate. Exclusive merchandise is also available. Make sure to book ahead as the café does not accept walk-ins.
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