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Inishie no Bishu Ginjo Sake

From brewer Takumi Sousei, this aged sake took home prestigious awards, including a gold medal at the Concours Mondial des Vins Féminalise 2021 (international wine contest Féminalise) in the Japanese sake category. Sake sommeliers describe Inishie no Bishu as a drink with clean acidity but also a mellow aroma of butter and sweetness of banana.


Hyakujuro Junmai Daiginjo Sake

Brewed in Gifu Prefecture by Hayashi Honten, this sake was inspired by the Japanese tradition of cherry blossom-viewing and a local story. Ninety years ago, Gifu kabuki actor Hyakujuro Ishikawa donated 1,200 cherry trees to the city. Together, these trees became one of the area’s most popular hanami locations. Inspired by the tale, Hayashi Honten created this refreshing sake with hints of grapefruit and a smooth mouthfeel.


Senjyu Junmai Ginjo & Kubota Sake Bar’s Yummy Sake Experience

At the Kubota Sake Bar in Shibuya, visitors can not only taste and purchase sake but also let AI judge their preferences. The AI-powered Yummy Sake service analyzes your preferred taste based on 12 categories. Then all you have to do is try out the recommended sake and broaden your knowledge of this delicious Japanese alcoholic refreshment. This experience is best enjoyed with a friend, so this prize includes a pair of tickets.


Orion Beer Natura Watta

This luxurious lemon sour drink features carefully selected lemon, handpicked to avoid any traces of preservatives or waxes. In the mix is also straight juice (not from concentrate!) from lemons grown around the Seto Inland Sea, which is known for its mild acidity, juice from Sicilian lemons, characterized by their refreshing sourness, and extract from Okinawa-grown Meyer lemons. This drink is free of artificial flavors, sweeteners or colorants.