Located in the Daikanyama neighborhood of Shibuya ward, Elite Open School Learning Resource Center Tokyo (EOS LRC Tokyo) offers an international school experience like no other establishment. A micro-school that is part of the Elite Education Group, EOS LRC Tokyo’s curriculums focus on preparing students and parents for college. 

Blending Learning  

Blended learning combines digital education materials with traditional in-class learning and is a  specialty at all Elite Open Schools, including their Tokyo location. Blended learning at EOS means maximizing the benefits of digital content and in-class lessons – the latter of which provides important interpersonal skills that online learning simply cannot. 

The EOS official website explains blended learning as follows: “We wish to develop the interpersonal skills and team-based accountability students get with a live teaching and learning dynamic. However, we do not want students to be bogged down by the analog methods of content acquisition of the past. Nor do we wish for students to aimlessly click around, left to  navigate the digital coursework on their own.” 

Class activities are computer-mediated with on-site teachers and mentors who will ensure student learning and progress. Grades and transcripts are issued by course teachers based in the US. Students at EOS LRC Tokyo also benefit from a qualified team of educated professionals who will guide them to their success through a consistent and standardized system of instruction. 

Personalized Learning 

At EOS students can benefit from personalized learning experiences. Having an adaptable curriculum allows students to focus not only on their energy on academic success but also on their personal goals and ambitions. 

In its mission statement, EOS says, “We believe in instilling a passion for learning and promoting  high standards of academic ambition in our students, encouraging them to develop their talents and passions so that they may reach their full potential both academically and personally.” 

EOS LRC Tokyo offers four tracks: 

• Academic  

• Athletic  

• Bridge 

• Professional  

The academic track is best suited for students wanting to maximize their college admission profile through tools such as academic counseling. 

The athletic track provides students with an effective core schooling to allow for more time to train  in their respective disciplines  

The bridge program is designed for students who have English as a second or third language and is focused on developing language skills and preparing for a school life abroad. 

The professional track gives students with artistic prowess an environment to further develop their abilities in their chosen medium. 

Every EOS curriculum and EOS LRC Tokyo track help students develop various qualities outside of academic achievements including problem solving, maturity, leadership and self-management. 

Essential Information  

EOS is accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) and Conga. All schools offer services ranging from grades three to twelve with certified American education and cutting edge, adaptive classes. They currently have over 50 campuses across seven countries. Their Tokyo location, which opened in 2016, is no different in providing students who aim to study in the US with a special approach to education and optimization for the American school system. 

Visit the school website for more information or send an email at [email protected]

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