Our Shop Japan roundup this week features gifts for pet owners, children or parents-to-be and anybody with a sweet tooth. All are made in Japan and feature unique Japanese materials or ingredients, making it a sustainable option for your next gift-giving occasion.

1. Nambu grooming broom for dogs and cats by Takakura Kogei Inc.

Take the time to pamper your pet. This quaint broom has curly fibers that enhance the grooming comfort of your furry loved one. 

¥22,000–¥27,500. Buy here

2. Tsunotsuno Dice and Tetra by Borndea Co., Ltd.

Stack, rotate, connect and roll this innovative educational toy, no matter your age. Developed by engineers and educators so you can play your own way.

¥9,130–¥9,680. Buy here.

3. Ai Bear by Kojimasenshoku Co.,Ltd.

The ideal gift for any age range, this cute, handmade mascot has a striking indigo blue color, known as a winning color in Japan. 

¥11,000–¥13,200. Buy here

4. Manners Mame Beans by EYEUP CO., LTD.

In this fun game move soybeans from plate to plate with chopsticks and improve your and your child’s dexterity. 

¥1,100–¥3,278. Buy here.

5. Homemade Apple Pie by Highness Co., Ltd.

Using 100 percent homegrown Fukiware apples, this apple pie can stand on its own without the need of spices or cream.

¥972–¥1,728. Buy here.

6. Karinto Manju by Marukyu Bussan Co., Ltd.

A delicious culinary fusion of the refreshing sweetness of manju and the richness of karinto. This traditional Japanese hybrid evokes nostalgia with its sugary aroma.

¥1,080. Buy here

7. Choconanbu PREMIUM by Komatsu Seika Inc.

A superb selection of chocolate confectionery that delivers traditional, crispy Nanbu senbei in many forms with carefully selected ingredients and flavors.

¥600–¥1,200. Buy here

8. Atelier Ichi Narutokintoki Sweet Potato by Gosenfu Co., Ltd.

A popular souvenir known for its strong sweetness and aroma, this award-winning sweet potato cake is also featured on many TV shows.

¥160. Buy here.

9. Kito Yuzu Chocolate Brownie by Ichioka Seika Co., Ltd.

Carefully baked by adding Kito Yuzu citrus peel to rich chocolate dough, this Halal-certified chocolate brownie has a refreshing fragrance and heavenly taste.

¥194–¥1,004. Buy here

10. Choconanbu by Komatsu Seika Inc.

This crunchy senbei (rice cracker) is baked and crushed before being covered with high-quality Couverture chocolate, which melts in your mouth.

¥118–¥1,188. Buy here

All featured products are part of Omotenashi Selection, a project that brings together fine handcrafted items from around Japan and shares them with international audiences.